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    Advance booking - 10% discount

    Choose your favourite time, make your reservation at least 30 days before your arrival day and there will be a 10% discount on the best rate or 5% discount on special rate Not Refundable.

    Have you planned your business trip or a sweet couple's weekend for an important anniversary?

    The Hotel La Madonnina gives you the possibility of enjoying a wonderful 10% discount on the best available rate.

    Are you sure of the time you chose?

    We’ll apply an extra 5% discount on the best Not Refundable rate, by paying the whole stay at the moment of your reservation.


    This offer is valid for reservations made till 30 days before the check-in day.

    It is available for every kind of room and every period of the year, based on availability.

    It cannot be combined with other offers, if it is not mentioned explicitly.

    From 23/11/2023 to 31/12/2024